Tivim and Ambaulim in Goa

On the way to Goa
There are two communities in Goa. They are located inland. The people are very poor. They do not benefit from tourism, for which Goa is famous in Europe. Many go abroad to make a living. e.g. in Kuwait as a taxi drivers or domestic servants, or in England and elsewhere.

There are six sisters in the community in Tivim who live in two different houses.
Two sisters work in a home to HIV / AIDS children at ASRO. Most of them have no parents or relatives. They are marginalized in the society. Even at school they are poorly accepted.
Two years ago the house Asha Bhavan, House of Hope, was inaugurated. In this house, elderly people in need of care as well as women in need find shelter and are given attention and support. The four sisters make a big family with them.
The two houses are in good contact with each other. It is touching to see how the children lovingly meet the elderly and how the elderly bless the children with shining eyes, according to their custom.

The sisters came to this village in 2001 to meet the needs of the population through socio-pastoral work, the teaching of faith, and a school for low-caste children. Most of the parents of the children are illiterate. Many families live in difficult situations.
There are currently three sisters in the community. School and community are in the midst of the people. The sisters are in close contact with the people. They teach children up to fourth grade and pay special attention to the weaker ones. In addition to school activities, visiting families is an important apostolate. Families find important contact and sharing persons in them. The sisters are also involved in the parish.