Working Group “Charismatic Plan”

From 18.01.- 20.01.2022 a working group on the Charismatic Plan met in the Generalate under the competent guidance of Mr. Martin van Oers, Unitas Solidaris from Austria.

The group is made up of the General Treasurer Sr. Jaroslava Katuľáková, the two General Councillors, Sr. Elsit Ampattu and Sr. Anna Affolter  and Sr. Benedicta-Maria Kramer from the Province of Baden-Württemberg.

With his great knowledge and diverse experience in the field of economics, Mr. Van Oers was able to further deepen with the group, the foundations already laid in May 2021 on the topic of “Charismatic Plan” (Economy at the service of Charism and Mission). Sr. Marija Brizar, Superior General, took time with the group to discuss about this topic.

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