Vicariate Taiwan

Address: Holy Cross Convent, Geng Sheng Road 453, 95052 Taitung Malan / Taiwan
Phone: 008 86 89 323 109


Malan Vikariat
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When in the year 1927 the young missionary society of Bethlehem (SMB) took up its activity in Manchuria the missionaries worked together with our sisters right from the beginning. The connection between the two communities, dates from the founding years of the missionary society. When the original plan of having a female branch could not be realised several of these young women joined the noviciate in Ingenbohl. In the year1926, they were sent to Manchuria to support the missionaries, especially by medical and health care and in the education of women.

In 1953 all foreign missionaries were expelled. Our sisters returned to Ingenbohl. The Missionaries of the Bethlehem Society took up their activity in the south-east of Taiwan. Soon our sisters followed. They arrived in Taiwan on 5th May 1955 and hence this day is considered the founding day of the Vicariate Taiwan.

At present the vicariate counts 16 sisters from Taiwan, 5 from Europe and one from Vietnam.

Our communities are situated in the town of Taitung and one each in Kuanshan, Shangwu, Chengkung and Chulu.

The sisters of the vicariate are engaged in health care, in the support of elderly persons, in pastoral work and in the prison apostolate.

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