Vicariate Brasil

Address: Av. Cardeal da Silva, nº 1210, Bairro Federação, Salvador/Bahia. CEP 40231-250
Phone: 0055 (071) 3245-3182


Grupo das Irmãs
Casa de Formação

The first sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross arrived in Brazil on July 21st, 1966, following a request of Pope John XXIII. During the first fifteen years of their presence in the country, they dedicated their service mainly to pastoral work in parishes without a residing priest. Today we are engaged in the evangelisation in general in four states in Brazil.

We live in communities in Pernambuco (1), Bahia (4), Rio de Janeiro (2)

The sisters of the vicariate are mainly involved in the apostolate with youth, prisoners, vocation pastoral, hospital care, alternative health care. They are engaged in the spiritual accompaniment of religious and of young people discerning their vocation, as well as the education and formation of children and adolescents.

Special projects are:  a crèche in the town of Simões Filho/BA, where the children living in a poor section of the town are cared for without the families having to pay.  In a similar way, we lead two projects aimed at giving elderly people the possibility to spend time together in friendship, one is conducted in Salvador, the other in the town of Governador Mangabeira.

We also work in partnership with other institutions:

  • We are partners in the project “Amor che cura”, an initiative to give service and help to a population living in a town built on a waste dump in Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro
  • We collaborate with the “Associação Cidade da Criança” in Simões Filho/BA, a project aimed at providing vocational training to adolescents and young adults
  • Together with the parish São Caetano in Pernambuco we foster a project to generate income for the families and grant a solid vocational training to adolescents

Another important project of our mission is the accompaniment of the group of associates, called „Sementes da Santa Cruz” (seed of the cross). These are women and men who strife to live according to our charism and our spirituality wherever they are or work.

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