Province Switzerland

Address: Klosterstrasse 10, 6440 Brunnen
Phone: +41 41 825 20 00
Fax: +41 41 825 22 66

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The Province was founded in 1966

Our province is only 50 years old, but since we are in various places in Switzerland since 1856. The Mother House of the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross is located in Ingenbohl on the hill above the village of Ingenbohl-Brunnen. It is also the headquarters of the General Leadership and has been since its foundation. The large “Province of Switzerland” was under the general leadership until it was re-organized in 1927. For the administration of the sisters and the various social works in Switzerland, a “Prokura” was established. In 1966, the Prokura became an independent Province and was given the name “Mother Province”.

In 2019, the Mother Province Switzerland merged with the Province of Western Switzerland. Since the merger, we call ourselves Province Switzerland.

The Sisters of the Province are engaged in various fields, in the service of sisters or in the social and pastoral ministries. The personal charism of each sister is an expression of the common charism, is an answer to the needs of the time. So, the sisters live in the midst of the society in different sized communities, as the situation requires it, and sometimes alone too. In the major works, in which many sisters worked at the grassroots, now sisters are only in the strategic administrative positions in order to continue to integrate Christian values.

Special Priorities or Projects …

It is a matter of concern for us to give the elderly sisters a well-cared for home.  The apostolate of prayer is very dear to their hearts. They carry the many concerns of the world, society, church, and also the personal concerns of people in their prayers before God. The convent on the hill is a meeting place which we nurture. Many people come to us for the Holy Eucharist, they come to the grave of Mother Maria Theresa, seek silence, prayer or to communicate with a sister of the pilgrim service team. The public Hill Café and the House Maria Theresia also offer space for meetings.

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