Province Suisse

Address: Klosterstrasse 10, 6440 Brunnen
Phone: +41 41 825 20 00
Fax: +41 41 825 22 66

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The Province was founded in the year 1966.
Even though our Province exits only for about 50 years, we have been active in many different places in Switzerland ever since 1856. The Motherhouse of the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross is situated on a slope overlooking the village of Ingenbohl-Brunnen. It is the seat of the Provincial as well as the General Administration. The latter had also been responsible for the direction of the vast «Province of Switzerland», until in 1927 a reorganization took place. For the direction of the Sisters and the organization of the various social activities in Switzerland, a so called «Procuration» («Prokura») was established. In 1966, the «Procuration» was declared an independent Province, called «Mother Province».

There are communities in the cities of Basle, Berne, Bremgarten, Locarno, Lucerne and Zurich. But we are also found in more rural areas, such as at Allschwil, Bad Ragaz, Benken, Emmenbrücke, Gossau, Oberägeri, Riehen, Schlieren, Wil, Willisau and Zuchwil.

The Sisters of the Province are engaged in the most varied areas and activities within our communities  as well as  in social and pastoral services to third parties. The personal charism lived by each individual Sister becomes an expression of the common charism in answer to the need of the time. Thus, the Sisters are living amidst our society in communities which greatly differ in size, according to the need of the situation. In some big establishments, where in former times many of our sister had been working, some are still holding the strategic leadership hoping thus to allow Christian values to continue to influence the climate of these institutions.

Special Points of Emphasis or Projects…
It is very important to us to make sure that our elderly sisters have a loving home. They in turn, have at heart the apostolate of prayer for all people in need. They bring before God the many intentions of the world, the society, the church, as well as the personal intentions of individual persons confided to them. We take care that the convent on the hill is developed as a place of encounter. Many persons come to join us in our church services, they come to pray at the tomb of Mother Maria Theresia, to spend some time of silence and personal prayer, or they ask for a personal sharing time with a sister. The public Hügel-Kaffee (Coffee House on the Hill) and the “Haus Maria Theresia”, offer space for various forms of meetings as well as face to face encounters.

Two major projects are in planning for the coming years.
We have worked out a «Hill Strategy», dealing with the sustainable development of the convent hill in view of setting the course for the future.
A further project is the Process of merging of the Province of Western Switzerland and the Mother Province. The 60 Sisters of the Province of Western Switzerland and the 410 Sisters of the Mother Province wish to continue their way into the future as one single province. Our common charisma will lead us in this process.

All the four languages of our country are represented in one province.

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