Province Baden-Württemberg

Address: Kloster Hegne, Konradistraße 12, 78476 Allensbach
Phone: +49 75338070

Europa, Deutschland, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Hegne, Kloster Hegne

The Province of Baden-Württemberg, with its Provincial House in Allensbach-Hegne on Lake Constance, was founded in 1895

Here, the sisters are running the School Marianum with general and vocational sections, the Nursing Home ‘Maria Hilf’ for the elderly, and the Hotel St. Elisabeth for conferences and vacations. The House St. Francis is open for young people looking for accompaniment or a time out. The House Hildegard is meant

to shelter persons looking for some days of quiet with self-supply, and the Theodosius Room is a day-meeting place for persons without fixed abode.
Hegne is also the destination of pilgrimages in honor of Blessed Sister Ulrika Nisch (1882-1913), who was beatified in 1987. In the House Ulrika, the pilgrims can find a   quiet place, as well as sisters who are open to listen to their various concerns, and who will accompany them with their support and prayer.

The 241 Sisters of Hegne live in various communities, be it in Hegne itself, or in one of their other establishments in the Archdiocese of Freiburg/Br.

Focal points in their activities are nursing, education, hospitality and attendance. Because the sisters are getting older and fewer, 300 women and men are employed to support the sisters in their various works.

„Hegne as a place with a definite characteristic” (“ein geprägter Ort”)‚  – inspired by this vision  the processes and development of the organization of  convent, school, nursing home  and hotel are taking place. On this basis, the «Hegne Compass of Values for Leadership and Teamwork» is worked out by lay leadership and sisters together. The sisters wish to involve their co-workers even more than before in the common responsibility and creativity, and thus to create a future that is spiritually founded, technically competent and economically secure.

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