Province South India

Address: Holy Cross Convent, No.1 Davis Road, St. Thomas Town, Bangalore 560 084
Phone: 080 – 25477757

4 Karnataka Kerala Mission
5 Maharashtra Manipur Mission
6 Tamil Nadu Goa Mission

About the Province

Birth of the province: 14 September 1991
At its beginning: Number of communities: 18, Number of sisters: 113.
At present: 223 sisters in 34 communities serving in 22 dioceses of 6 states in India: Karnataka, Goa, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra and   Manipur.

Besides this, two of our sisters are serving in the mission in Uganda and one sister as General Councillor in Switzerland.


  • Education, from nursery school to professional colleges, along with different vocational training programmes.
  • Residential and non-residential schools for differently abled children.
  • Health care in hospitals and health centres: free medical camps, clinical counselling, palliative care in the homes, and mobile medical services in the villages.
  • Care for by HIV affected children, senior citizens, senior disabled persons, women in distress, destitute women, street children, as well as girls and women threatened by human trafficking.
  • Hostels for students and working women.
  • Pastoral services.
  • Vocation and formation ministry.

Specific priorities

  1. To live the vision of the province – “Rooted in the crucified and risen Lord we witness the merciful face of the Father.”
  2. To start one mission station in the rural areas of North Karnataka to promote the socio-pastoral development of the poor rural population.
  3. To develop our communities as spiritual places.
1 Priority 1
2 Priority 3 -2
3 Priority 2