Province Mid-Europe in Austria, Bavaria, Hungary, Slovenia

Adress: Gabesbergerstraße 19, 4600 Wels
Phone: +4372422519520

The Province of MidEurope was founded on October 4th, 2007 by merging the provinces of Upper Austria-Salzburg, Styria-Carinthia, Tyrol-Vorarlberg, Vienna-Lower Austria, Hungary, Bavaria, as well as the Vicariate of Slovenia.

The Provincial House in Wels is situated in the geographical center of the Province; it was newly built and occupied in June 2008. At present, there are 530 sisters residing and working in 52 communities.  Due to the rather high average in age of the sisters, we experience at present a steady decline of the number of sisters.

The Sisters are engaged in the care of the sick and elderly, in pastoral work and social services, teaching and creative activities. Our elderly Sisters take up various voluntary services according to their possibilities, practice the apostolate of prayer or engage in services to the local community.

Our Province of Mid-Europe is entrusted with 44 undertakings. About 6000 very valuable women and men collaborate in continuing the works of the Sisters of the Holy Cross according to the mandate of the Order. In educational, social and medical establishments, as well as other professional establishments, we want to encourage persons to lead a useful life of their own choice, aiming at the development of a “culture of love”.

Special projects or points of emphasis:

  • We are investing much time in the care and accompaniment of the sisters to assure a good care in their old age and sickness.
  • Spiritual life and community living are of special concern in our convents.
  • To ease the burden of superiors, we entrust coordinators with leadership tasks.
  • We seek and risk new ways in recruiting new members to the community.
  • In the normative orientation of our establishments, we pass our spirituality and values on to others. Together with the women and men who work with us in our institutions, we are determined, to “take up new ways” according to the changed times. We have re-drafted our website, the magazine of the Holy Cross Sisters, as well as a curriculum, to place accents pointing to the future