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Priština, 12 -14 April 2024

Our sisters have been working in Priština since 1958. Since 2004, Kosovo has been a region under church law, making it independent of the Province of Croatia in various areas. The sisters are involved in various apostolates. The superior runs the Blessed Ulrika boarding school, where 90 girls find a home for the duration of their studies, regardless of their religion. A second sister works as a physiotherapist at the university hospital, while a young sister will complete her training as a nurse in the coming months. The eldest sister actively helps out in various places. On Sundays and public holidays, the sisters are involved in several parishes in the area, playing the organ, organising church services, giving religious instruction and decorating churches. The population greatly appreciates the sisters’ commitment, as they have been helping people on the margins of society for decades.

The Ulrika women’s group was founded in 2004. These women meet every week. They support the sisters in their work for socially disadvantaged families and individuals.