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Covid-19 hospital in Kalyan

Among all the demands, the greatest urgency and necessity is to take care of those who are victims of this COVID-19 pandemic, who need to be hospitalized and treated.
In India, Maharashtra is one of the worst affected states. Therefore, the local authorities came up with the request to establish our hospital as a Dedicated Covid-19 Hospital, the first in the region.
Guided by the motto of the Provincial Chapter, “Moved by God’s spirit ,going forward with courage ” and encouraged by the advice and question of our Superior General, Sr. Marija Brizar: “If our founders, Fr. Theodosius Florentini and Mother Maria Theresa Scherer were present today, how would they respond to this need? – we too should respond in the same way”, we took courage to respond to this invitation and challenge to be able to answer to the Motto of our Congregation, “The need of the time is the will of God’.
After 13 days and nights of hard work together with the staff and other officials, the entire hospital and the premises were adapted for the reception and treatment of Covid-19 patients. On April 25, 2020 our hospital was opened for the new venture.
90 staff members , including 7 of our sisters received orientation and motivation trainings and counselling by a psychologist in preparation for this demanding and also life-threatening ministry. The entire team works under the direction and supervision of two of our sisters.
The number of patients increases day to day.


After 10 days 20 of the 58 positive Covid-19 who were stabilized, have already been transferred to other hospitals for complete recovery. We are constantly admitting new patients.
God’s blessing is on our human work, so that we may become witnesses of the compassionate and crucified Jesus. We are now at the side of the sick and be able to be his ‘hands and feet’ and accompany them.
For us ,as a Province, but also for the local authorities, the “Corona crisis” is an enormous financial challenge. The consequences will be enormous.
Fr. Theodosius Florentini says to us: “We must not expect success, we must only do our duty”.
Blessed Mother Maria Theresa Scherer says to us: “Do what lies in your power day after day”.
Dear Sisters and well wishers, we have only just begun this mission. We need your financial support, your prayers and your blessing.

If you would like to support our sisters, you are welcome to do so.
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