We are an international community, led by a general superior with her six councilors at Ingenbohl. The community is structured in 12 provinces, three vicariates and house USA led by the province, vicariate leadership teams and generalate.  The provinces and vicariates are made up of local communities in a specific region.


The General Chapter is our hightest legislative authority. Its membership is made up of the following:

  • General Leadership
  • General Treasurer
  • Superiors of Provinces and Vicariates
  • Elected Delegates

The General Chapter elects the General Leadership. It discusses current questions of the community and gives directional input for the future.


The general superior and her councilors form the general leadership. This group makes sure that the charism remains alive. It promotes, shapes and preserves unity in diversity and makes diversity in unity possible. It implements the goals of our community and the decisions of the General Chapter. It accompanies the individual provinces and vicariates in their actual situations. It carries out the General Visitation in the provinces and vicariates.

Headquarters of the General Leadership
The Headquarters of the General Leadership is in the Motherhouse of the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross in Ingenbohl, Switzerland. The Motherhouse is also the center of the Mother Province of Switzerland.

The Generalate Community
The Generalate Community is in one of the many convents of sisters in the Motherhouse. A group of sisters lives together with the general leadership and supports their concerns and many ministries.

Special emphasis is given to hospitality and a lived internationality. It is a place of encounter. Sisters from provinces and vicariates all over the world, who come for visits or on vacation, experience the generalate community as their home.

Present General Leadership

General Superior
Sr. Marie-Marthe Schönenberger
Province Swiss

General Assistant
Sr. Gabriele Schachinger
Province of Middle Europe

General Councilor
Sr. Sheeja Kolacherril
Province of South India

General Councilor
Sr. Dorothee Halbach
Province of Baden-Württemberg

General Councilor
Sr. Pratima Minj
Province of Northeast India

General Councilor
Sr. Rahela Lacković
Province of Croatia

General Councilor
Sr. Roseline Kujur
Province of Central

Present General Treasurer

Sr. Mirjam Jerković
Province of Croatia

Present General Secretary

Sr. Suprabha Kalappurayil
Province of Northeast India

Present General Archivist

Markus Näpflin