The shoe-soles reach the Italian province

On November 25th, 2015, Sr.Hildegard Burger and Sr. Grazia Vittigni of the Province of Italy went on their way to fetch the shoe-soles of Father Theodosius from the Province of Croatia.
November 29th turned out to be a day of celebration for the Sisters of the Province of Italy.
When Sr. Hildegard and Sr. Grazia arrived in the Provincial House with the shoe-soles, they were welcomed warmly and solemnly.
For this occasion, Sisters from the different communities in Lobardy had travelled to Besozzo. Co-workers and fellow sisters of Menzingen, too, took part.
„Journeying on the Roads of the World“
This was the overall topic of the imaginative activities in the afternoon, which were presented in several parts.
In the context of a prayer-meeting, the sisters with all the guests present looked back to the past history of the Congregation. The life and work of Father Theodosius was presented in a Power Point Presentation.
A second part led the audience from the past right forward to the present. Starting from some sayings of Father Theodosius, thanksgivings and intercessions were expressed for the communities of the Province of Italy and the entire Congregation.
In the third part of the prayer service the sisters prayed specially for people who are marginalized and confronted with difficult situations