“The pair of shoes” in Hegne

On 10.12.15 Sr. Maria Paola Zinniel, Sr. Therese and Sr. M. M. Jacobe Wetzel from the province of Baden-Württemberg set out by car on the way to Besozzo to the Italian province.
The pair of shoes that wandered in all the provinces in the jubilee year had now reached Italy. From there they were now brought to Hegne. This day 12.12.2015 was totally dedicated to the jubilee year of Father Theodosius.
During the Eucharistic celebration, through a presentation by Sr. Christiane Jungo, Ingenbohl and a creative Vespers in the afternoon, the life and work of Father Theodosius was made alive.  For all the sisters it turned out to be a day of many encounters, experience of joy and gratitude. Now the pair of „Shoes” will wander through all the convents of Hegne until they are brought to the province of Western Switzerland on 4 January by the formation community.