Tamil Nadu: Devala and Devorshola

Nine sisters live in the community in Devala, which is located in the middle of the bustling town. A large part of the people work in tea gardens and tea factories. In 1971, the community was founded to provide medical assistance to the poor population with a health center. This is like a small hospital, with a part-time doctor, a lab, and they take in patients. Later, a school was added. Today more than 1000 students attend the school. With the coming of the sisters a visible development has taken place. In addition to the apostolates in the health center and at school, the sisters also work in the parish and catechesis.

In the midst of many beautiful tea gardens and hills lies the English Medium School. The people are very poor, the tea garden workers earn very little despite hard work. Due to its location in a wildlife area, they are exposed to various dangers.
The community was founded in 1982 with the aim of providing a better future for the children of tea garden workers. The school started with eight students. Today, 1672 students come to the school, from far-away tea gardens. Several ex-students are now working as teachers in the school. Seven sisters and a pre-postulant teach the children and adolescents. They are involved in the parish as sacristan and catechists. Next, they visit families and have an open ear for their worries and needs.