Sr. Dorothee visited the communities in Kanjirapally and Nedumkandam

In 1991, two sisters began to work in the diocesan project “Malanadu Development Society”. In 1996 a new house was built in order to start Vocational Training for the poor people in the area.In 2004, a hostel for the female students was started – giving accommodation for these young women was at the same time one of the working field for the sisters. of late working women have been living in the house. Due to the social development and the increasing demand, a senior citizen home is currently being on construction. The construction works are in full swing. The sisters work closely with the construction companies, conduct the service talks with the construction managers and are also the “supervisors” in the construction process.Commitment to the original mission, to those in need, is the primary concern of the sisters. This is also expressed in their hospitality and their prayer

In the beginning of 1996, courses and seminars were organized to promote: Tailoring, Secretariat course, etc. The family apostolate and the pastoral work was of great importance, to this day.Soon the apostolate of education was added.Today the ministry of education is being continued from Play school to standard XII with a total of 1300 students. The school is affiliated to CBSE School (Central Board of Secondary Education).In addition, the six sisters in Nedumkandam are hospitable and available to the people, take part in the parish activities give special attention and care to the weaker and poor students by giving extra coaching, fees concessions and visiting their families.