Sisters in Brazil during Pandamic time

“Everything is connected as if we were one. In this common house everything is connected with one another “(Pope Francis).
The spread of Covid-19 in our country came at a very difficult and complicated time for the nation. The words “solidarity” and “concrete implementation” are of enormous importance for our environment. Brazil is geographically large and the places where our communities are located make it possible for each sister to have a unique experience of journeying with the people.
In the community in Itapeaçú / Itaquati-ara – Amazonia, the supply route between the centre and the island was interrupted.
The reality of those infected and the pain of the families who have lost their loved ones due to the virus is very difficult and sad. The sisters who work in the hospital see it as their daily task to meet with affection the infected families and patients in their areas of work.
People ask for prayers from our Sisters in all our communities for the various intentions, by telephone or at the front door. In this way we have intensified our prayer and pray for the people in their different realities, as well as for our country, which is in a difficult situation.