Our Sisters in Italy Province

The Coronavirus-Event has marked the life of our Italian Province and is still a profound influence on us. Italy is one of the first countries to be affected by the virus. The Provincial House of the Province is located in Besozzo, a small town in Lombardy, of the Italian region, which is most affected by the virus and where most of the Sisters of our Province live. Due to the age of the Sisters, they belong to one of the most vulnerable groups.
It is also a time, we are rediscovering intercessory prayer. We pray for doctors, nurses, shop assistants, law enforcement agencies and for all those people who provide essential services to us. We also pray for those who have lost their jobs, for those who find it difficult to live in this period of quarantine, for the politicians who have to make difficult decisions for all people, for the researchers and scientists who are working on solutions for this disease.