„Journeying on the Roads of the World“

„Journeying on the Roads of the World“ – Jubilee Year
on the 150th death anniversary of Fr. Theodosius Florentini (1808 – 1865)

On February 15th, we celebrate the 150th death anniversary of our founder Fr. Theodosius Florentini. For us sisters, this is a cause for joy, grateful remembrance, and to allow ourselves to be touched and strengthened anew by his message. We do this by celebrating the jubilee year.
The motto of this jubilee year is „Journeying on the Roads of the World“. This motto is characteristic of Fr. Theodosius. He was on the way all through his life. He covered innumerable kilometers on foot or making use of the vehicles available at his time, in order to realize his vision of a better and more just world.
The last days of his life, in particular, were marked by an intense, even hectic, to and from between Switzerland and Bohemia. Within just a few weeks, like a hunted deer, he rushed through vast distances: Vienna, Graz, Prague, Oberleutensdorf, Berlin; then, again Linz, Wels, Innsbruck, Bozen, Brixen, Chur, Ingenbohl. All along these ways, he was supported by the hope to retrieve and bring to a successful end his open projects – particularly those connected with the factories at Oberleutensdorf (Bohemia) and Thal (Switzerland), which he had built up for the benefit of the workforce. Thus, on January 17th, 1865 he wrote from Vienna: „I am always on the road; tonight I shall go again to Prague and Oberleutensdorf… There’s much work to be done, and many futile ways have to be taken underfoot. May God grant a favorable outcome. “
On 15 February 1865, on his way through Heiden, he was hit by a stroke which brought to a sudden end to his many and important activities in the service of Church and Society.
Our founder, in his time, had lived his vocation and mission with great fervor. Many generations of sisters have caught hold of his vital spark. Being his successors, we are sent today to be on the way with the people of our time.
In all our communities (provinces and vicariates), the jubilee year will be solemnly inaugurated on 15 February 2015. For the jubilee year, a working group has prepared various elements for the provinces and vicariates to work out their own activities. As a common symbol for the motto of the jubilee year “Journeying on the Roads of the World“, the shoe soles of Fr. Theodosius will tour all the provinces and vicariates. Honoring the memory of Fr. Theodosius, the Parish of Heiden, together with the Swiss Capuchins and the Sisters of Menzingen and Ingenbohl, have prepared a program for an evening lecture as well as a solemn Eucharistic Celebration. The jubilee year will be concluded on 15 February 2016.


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