Impression India Central Province

On 24 March 2020 lockdown was announced by the Prime Minister of India. On 25th onwards all our communities started continuous Adoration in turns, began intercessory prayers for the Church and the whole world.
The lockdown period is used well by the sisters doing charitable works. Sisters are engaged in stitching masks and preparing sanitizers.
The District Administration of Hazaribag asked Holy Cross Sisters to help the poor and needy voluntarily with the food packets and provision kits. Our Institutes have so far provided 392 food packets for the people in quarantine.

In Kunkuri Hospital we have kept ready 10 beds for Corona patients. An Isolation Unit is kept ready with needed equipment and with a team of staff to meet the emergencies. Protective Preventive Equipments are provided for doctors, nurses, health workers and sisters in Kunkuri Hospital in Chhattisgarh and in the Community Health Care Centre, Tarwa in Jharkhand.