The General Visitation in the Province Switzerland has begun

The General Visitation in the Province Switzerland has started on February 25th. The entire General Leadership is involved in the implementation of it: Sr. Marija Brizar Superior General, and the General Councillors, Sr. Verena Maria Oberhauser, Sr. Elsit Ampattu, Sr. Anna Affolter, Sr. Lucila Zovak, Sr. Sheeja Kolacherril and Sr. Dorothee Halbach.
In the coming weeks, they will have personal meetings with the sisters in their places of living and working, get to know their work areas and meet the responsible persons and employees. The theme selected for the visitation for the differently organised units and prayer is “As spiritual community journeying with people” unfolded and experienced.
Only a few weeks have passed since the two former Provinces; the Mother Province and the Province West Switzerland were merged into form the new Province Switzerland. At present, the Province Switzerland has 431 sisters. May God bless the General Leadership and all the Sisters of the Province Switzerland in these coming weeks.