Festive Eucharistic Celebration in Menzingen

On 26 November, Sisters of the Holy Cross, Menzingen would celebrate the 200th birthday of Mother Bernarda Heimgartner, the co-foundress of the Institute. On the Feast of Christ the King, there was a festive Eucharistic celebration in Menzingen to mark the occasion, to which Sr. Dorina Zanoni, Superior General of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, Menzingen invited our General Leadership also.

The two institutes, Menzingen and Ingenbohl share common roots.

In October 1844, Mother Bernarda and Father Theodosius Florentini founded the Institute of the Sisters of the Holy Cross in Menzingen.

The bond between the two great institutes, Menzingen and Ingenbohl, has grown over the past decades, in Europe as well as in India. Meetings and different forms of cooperation on several levels express the good relationship with each other until today.