Davis Road / Provincial House

The Provincial House in Bangalore is located in a town where many other congregations have their headquarters.
From 1973 until the division of the Indian province in 1991, Davis Road was a study center. At the same time, a “community center” was built for low income working women. Today it also provides accommodation for physically challenged working women.
Since the establishment of the Province India South, it is the seat of the Provincial Leadership. An almost constant coming and going of sisters from the other communities is part of everyday life and is a real challenge for the individual sisters and for the community.
All the sisters, in addition to their main duties or in addition to studying, are involved in various other apostolates: Sunday catechesis, family visits and promotion of the Small Christian Communities (SCC), socio-pastoral activities, parish services, etc.
In collaboration with the Salesian Priests, several Sisters are involved in special projects in the city: The “Rainbow House” for children from the street and the children’s home “Satgamaya” for children with special needs are run by the sisters.
One sister is the National Co-ordinator for “anti-human trafficking”