Book Presentation “Driven by the Needs of the Time”

In a program which included greetings of welcome, pictures accompanying the reading of the texts of individual letters, contemporary organ music, and the introduction of the new book, all guests, sisters, and members of the Provincial Congress were given a little peek into the origin and the content of the writings of our founders.  The new book, with its selection of 199 letters and original texts, brings to light the personalities of the founders and gives insights into the early history of the Congregation, the establishment of the first provinces, and the everyday life of the founders and their sisters, which included both successes and failures.  These writings reveal who Father Theodosius Florentini and Mother Mary Theresa Scherer really were, what was important to them, what moved them,  and from what they drew strength as they moved from one thing to another with their sisters and with many other people.
We offer our congratulations and heart-felt good wishes to the members of the working group:
Markus Ries (Professor of Church History at the University of Lucerne); Christian Schweizer (Province Archivist of the Swiss Capuchins of Luzern); Sister Hildburg Baumgartner, SCSC (Gemunden aM/Germany); Sister Finka Tomas, SCSC (Dakova/Croatia), Sister Agnes Maria Weber, SCSC (Ingenbohl/Switzerland); and Sister Lucila Zovak, SCSC (Ingenbohl/Switzerland).
For more than six years, this group has worked together in this intense and scholarly task.  Now they have achieved the important goal of their work.