A new house is being built

On 16.09.2021, the foundation stone was laid for the new old age home St. Josef, on the hill in Ingenbohl. Already in the morning, there was a Eucharistic celebration in the convent church, in which all the sisters could participate. In the afternoon the invited guests and representatives of the Municipality of Ingenbohl Brunnen, the Provincial and General Leadership and many sisters gathered at the building site.

In the past weeks and months, the project for the new old age home became visible to everyone through the professional demolition of the Marienhaus, the diagonal wing of the existing nursing home, and the digging of the construction pit by the Aregger company.

With the next step, the laying of the foundation stone, marks the beginning of a new construction phase. Important symbols of the community were placed in the foundation stone, including the Bible with its reference to the works of mercy. “Mother M. Theresa trusted completely in God in her life and lived the works of mercy in her everyday life”.

With the laying of the foundation stone, the decisive stage of the construction takes place.