Sisters from India in the Motherhouse

Hearty Welcome

to three groups with seven sisters of our Indian provinces, North-Eastern Province Indian East, Indian Central Province and Mid India. One group already was in Ingenbohl on March.

All Sisters came for the first time to the Motherhouse. Day after day, the Sisters gained new impressions in and with the strange European culture; they enjoy the various possibilities of encounter with the sisters of the Province Swiss.

Most of all, there is enough room left for prayer and liturgical services. At the same time, the sisters make use of the unique chance to get to know the environment where Mother M. Theresia had lived and worked in such a beneficial way. Apart from a pilgrimage to Meggen, a one-day trip to Hegne and a visit to our fellow-sisters in Menzingen, the Generalate enjoyes a get-together for an exchange with these sisters.

The third group is visiting the motherhouse from 18 May to 26 May 2023, picture above.

Group 1 in March 2023 from the Provinces India Central, India North East and India East.

Group 2 from India North East and India East April 2023