Report from Sisters in Uganda

The sisters in Vicariate Uganda, began seeing the changes that Covid-19 Pandemic would have on March 18th when the government put up measures to close churches, schools, social gatherings etc. for the first time. The schools were closed the next day on the 19th March 2020. We received all our student sisters back to their respective communities, the teaching sisters had to stay in their communities as there was no school apostolate. The nursing sisters continued the program as usual in the health centers with protective measures such as aprons, masks and gloves. The Sisters and Formees happily use their time profitably in prayers and gardening, planting vegetables, working on the compound, community recreation, communicating and encouraging people through phones.
In Bulimbo, Kenya, the sisters went to help in reconstruction of the house of their worker which had fallen down due to heavy rain. For Osia Health center due to transport challenges, sisters had to walk up to Tororo town which is about 12 Kms to get the drugs to care for the sick people who came to the Health center.