Impressions from India East

The spread of Covid-19, created fear, agony, restlessness, chaos and uncertainty in all the people, regardless of age, young or old, rich or poor. Since all of us are experiencing such a pandemic situation for the first time in our lives, truly speaking, we sisters also experi-ence agony and fear but at the same time feel the protection, care and unity among us. In our Province, we discussed and planned how to spend this pandemic period effectively and meaningfully.
The school sisters are mostly busy with online classes for the students. A couple of sisters who were out for courses and retreats are stranded in different places as they are not able to return to their Communities.

The whole Province is very actively involved in the relief work.
Village volunteers and police personals are always ready to help us out with distribution and giving needed permissions.
The 10 bedded Hospital building of Holy Cross Hospital Rajibpur is made available for peo-ple in quarantine. In Rajibpur our Sisters have reached out to 115 families with provisions and masks. One Sister has conducted awareness program on Covid-19 in 5 Tolas (areas) of a big Village. Holy Cross School, Binnaguri is asked to set up quarantine centre to keep 25 women.
One Sister has been active through e-mail and WhatsApp to motivate Christians (SCCs/BCCs) to keep their faith strong, to suggest creative ways of being Church in this time of crisis and to reach out to their neighbours in need