Engagement of the Sisters in the Czech Republic

During this special time, all the communities have a common prayer time at 8:00 p.m. and pray for those infected with the virus, for all who are fighting the disease, for lonely and frightened people, for politicians, for good decisions, for God’s blessing all over the world and a return to Christian values.

All people in our country must wear a protective mask. In the beginning of the Epidemic there was a lack of it. In almost all our communities the sisters have become active and have sewn countless protective masks together with the staff, volunteers and women’s groups.

In various places the sisters are active in pastoral work as catechists, pastoral workers, etc. In this “Corona time” they are looking for creative ways in their apostolate.

The sisters, who work in the hospital, are subjected to strict hygienic measures and are nevertheless exposed to possible infections every day. Due to understaffing, work in the hospital is stressful. One sister works in the outpatient hospice, which offers its services to oncologically ill, dying patients. A team visits their patients in their homes and thus makes it possible for them to stay in their own social environment.