Dedicated Sisters in the Province of Slovakia

Sisters in the Province of Slovakia are involved in the middle of the pandemic and provide necessary help. One sister is involved in the project “Christians in the City”. In the framework of this project, under a bridge in Bratislava, warm soup is cooked and distributed a few times in a week for homeless people. At the same time, clothes and protective masks are distributed to them and medical care is provided. During the Pandemic, the number of homeless people in the capital has increased significantly. They are mainly young people. The restaurants and shops where they could buy food earlier, are now closed.

Some sisters work in hospitals and nursing homes. With much dedication they work for the sick in this difficult time. In one hospital they care for COVID-19 patients.

The sisters from the nursing school in Ru┼żomberok, together with their employees and in cooperation with the town, have started a shopping project for senior citizens. They bring the purchased goods to the door of their homes. In this way, they have set a sign of thoughtfulness in this time of increased isolation and insecurity for many elderly people. Sisters from other communities participate in similar activities.