“Change adversity into opportunity”

India reported Covid-19 pandemic on January 30, 2020 and on March 24, 2020 as per the direction of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi Government, the whole nation observed public curfew followed by lockdown in 3 phases until now, affecting the entire 1.3 billion population with a grinding halt. Sisters with the staff planned, rescheduled, reorganized through series of meetings and prepared action plans in order to cope with the situation in the institutions and especially for the badly affected people around our communities. We, the sisters and staff contributed generously to the relief work in terms of health care services in the hospital, physical care to the needy migrant workers by providing food packages and masks and spiritual care by continuous prayers.

Sisters of Holy Cross Hospital community, Holy Cross Convent – Patparia and Pathalgaon with the help of staff prepared over 10000 masks, sanitizers and Covid-19 awareness pamphlet and distributed to many people. Holy Cross Convent Patparia sanitized a slum area. Along with the Provincial House community most of the communities of the Province prepared above 500 food packets and distributed to families, vegetable vendors and to migrant workers.
On Government order, Holy Cross hospital at Ambikapur has prepared protocols and set 50 isolation beds for Covid-19 patients, in case of emergency. For other patients, we have also formed a Rapid Response Team together with the sisters working in the Hospital and College of nursing for screening the patients coming to our hospital.